Light Chasers Educates Artists on Sun Safety and Saves Lives

Blue Lizard is excited to be a part of Light Chasers’ 2016 Paint Out event taking place Feb. 18-24 in Sarasota, Florida. Light Chasers is the largest group of plein air painters in Florida with more than 500 members. Their mission is to foster the education, participation, appreciation and exhibition opportunities for plein air painters.

Paint Sarasota Paint Out kicked off on Feb. 18 and artists will paint for seven days. They may paint anywhere in Sarasota County but the group has designated days in specific places that have opened their doors to their artists. These places include Phillippi Estate Park, Historic Spanish Point, the Bay Front Park and downtown Sarasota, Casperson Beach and downtown Venice, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Siesta Key Beaches, and the grounds of the John and Mable Ringling Museum. All artists will turn in their best painting on Thursday, Feb. 25. All work is judged and winners are announced at a Gala Show Opening on Feb. 27.

In addition to the Paint Out event, Light Chasers also puts on a Drawing Challenge, Quick Draw Contest, Light Chasers Annual Show, Masters Show and a weekly Paint Out on Thursday mornings.

Blue Lizard has provided 200 samples for the Paint Out event for artists who will be spending lots of time outdoors in the hot Florida sun. Terry Mason, president of Light Chasers, contacted Blue Lizard about donating sunscreen to this event because they have been very active in educating their members about sun safety after one of their local board members got skin cancer four years ago.

“She was really the hero. She came to me and said, ‘I don’t want this to happen to anyone else’ and asked me to do a campaign on sun safety for our artists. I got pamphlets from the National Cancer Institute, but that year, our board members purchased all of the sunscreen for the event. I followed up the pamphlet and the sunscreen with a letter to all of our artists with a link to a site where you could compare your skin lesions to photos of suspicious spots in order to find out if they need to be evaluated by a dermatologist,” Mason said.

“At the first Paint Out that year, a friend grabbed me and hugged me and said, ‘Thank you! You saved my life, I had melanoma!’ Since then, for the last four years, we have done this sun safety campaign every year. Every single year at least two artists have discovered they had melanoma but luckily caught it in time. Several others were diagnosed with basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer,” Mason said. “We are saving lives!”

“So thank you to Blue Lizard for helping us save lives,” Mason added.

To learn more about Light Chasers and all of the artist events they offer, visit


February 23, 2016 by Blue Lizard Staff
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