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Parents’ Guide to Packing the Perfect Beach Bag


A trip to the beach is a time-honored way to spend a summer vacation.  But when you add kids to the mix, you need a little more preparation.

Here are some suggestions for a well-stocked beach bag:

  1. The bag. First you need a good sized bag to haul all your gear. Classic large canvas bags are good tried-and-true options that can hold a lot of stuff, are inexpensive and hold up well. Or choose a water-proof option such as a large vinyl bag.
  2. Travel-size BabyWipes can come in handy for wiping little sticky or sandy hands and faces.
  3. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. Baby and Sensitive formulas in SPF 30 keep delicate children’s skin protected even as they spend hours in the sand and sun. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of Sport or Regular, which are both water-resistant, so you stay protected while playing in the surf. Blue Lizard’s Smart Bottle™ technology turns the bottle blue in the presence of UV rays and reminds you to reapply throughout the day.
  4. Sunglasses & Hats for both parents and kids.
  5. You may want to pack a separate small cooler with juice boxes, cheese sticks, granola bars, crackers, fruit and other snacks to ward off meltdowns.
  6. Water. Be sure to pack plenty of water – reusable water bottles can be frozen at home, thrown in the bag and then they’ll be the perfect temperature once you hit the sand.
  7. Beach towels. You may also want to bring an old sheet to use as a beach blanket – they are lightweight and sands shakes off easily.
  8. Plastic baggies. Various size Ziploc bags or plastic grocery bags will come in handy for lots of uses such as storing wet swimsuits, protecting your cell phone or other electronics from getting wet or to hold sunscreen so it doesn’t leak onto other items.
  9. Extra swim diapers. If you have little ones still in diapers, be sure to bring a few extra swim diapers and regular diapers as well.
  10. Beach toys. Pack the classics like beach buckets, shovels, sifters, balls and Frisbees. Don’t forget the boogie boards for the older kids!
  11. A hairbrush or comb. Beach waves look great, but once they dry, they turn into a knotty mess. Combing through your child's wet locks will prevent a painful detangling later in the day. A detangling spray or leave-in conditioner can also help keep tears at bay when coming through beach hair.
  12. Mini-first aid kit. Not all beaches have lifeguard stations, so be sure to pack a few bandaids and antiseptic cream.
  13. Change of clothes. Be sure to pack a change of clothing or beach cover-up for each family member, especially if you’ll be driving home from the beach.

Throw in an umbrella and some beach chairs and you’re ready for a day at the beach!




August 02, 2017 by Blue Lizard Staff
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