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Ninth-grader Teaches Elementary School Children About the Importance of Sun Safety

Even at the young age of 5, Sarina Jassy, now 14, knew she wanted to become a doctor one day. The San Diego, Ca., ninth-grader works as an intern at a dermatology office and regularly visits elementary schools in her area, giving presentations about the importance of sun safety and skin protection to children.

“The skin has always fascinated me, especially how it is such a resilient organ that is vital to our survival,” Jassy said. “I became interested in researching different skin diseases and most importantly, the cures to them. I work really hard in school, and I take my studies seriously.  I plan on continuing my internship at the dermatology office for many years.”

“I became interested in skin care when I did an internship at the dermatology practice. I never realized how many people suffered from skin-related illnesses and how many of them are preventable. When I first witnessed a melanoma removal, I felt that no one should ever have to go through that. I wanted to help and raise awareness,” Jassy added.

As part of a community service project that she started in November 2014, Jassy decided that she wanted to spread the word about skin protection. She visits local elementary schools giving presentations to children ages 5-9 about the damaging effects of sun exposure and how they can prevent sun damage and skin-related diseases.

“I live in Southern California, which has more sunny days than not, and we are constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful radiation.  Skin cancer is easily preventable, and I feel that the more I educate young people, the lower their risk of skin cancer will be as they age,” she said. “If they practice good skin care as children, it will carry them through their lifetimes.”

Jassy contacted Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen to request donations of sunscreen samples to hand out to the students at her presentations and the company was happy to help Jassy spread the word. “I use Blue Lizard samples to give to the children to show them how easy sunscreen is to use and how helpful it is. I also try to make it fun,” Jassy said. “I hope to continue this project through my high school education as well as college.”

In addition to her community service project and internship, this busy high school freshman is also a competitive dancer and has won several national and international titles including Miss Teen Scripps Ranch, Miss Teen Dance and Dancer of the Year. Jassy also enjoys ice skating, yoga and walking her dog, Buttercup. She has one brother, Russell, and is currently in the ninth grade at Francis Parker School in Sand Diego, Ca.

 Written by Cristi Driver



April 27, 2015 by Blue Lizard Staff
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