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Could You Have Skin Allergies?

Apr 27 2016 dermatitis rash skin allergies skin care

Allergens are everywhere. They can be disguised as innocent little plants – like poison ivy – or sweet smelling perfumes. They can be airborne and land on your eyelids. They can come in the form of cigarette smoke or chemical sprays. They can be seasonal with the arrival of pollen or they can be hidden in your home, mattress or carpet as dust mites. All of these things can trigger an allergic response that causes sneezing, eye watering, stuffiness and more. Skin allergies are sneaky, too. Anything that comes in contact with your skin can trigger a skin reaction that...

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Is This Rash Serious?

Apr 12 2016 dermatitis rash skin care

If you have a red, scaly rash that itches like crazy, you probably have a form of contact dermatitis. When your skin comes in contact with something it doesn’t like – poison ivy, for example – it becomes inflamed, sometimes to the point of blistering. If the inflammation continues over time, your skin can even become cracked and scaly. There are several different types of dermatitis including contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. Contact dermatitis The most common type of dermatitis is contact dermatitis, which can be caused by an allergic reaction or skin damage from an irritant. Common...

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