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A Fast-Paced Drag Race in the Charleston Harbor

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is excited to be a part of the Fort2Battery Race in Charleston, SC on April 11. Read more about this unique and exciting event in today's blog.

Imagine kite boards, ultra­-high-performance catamarans, windsurfers and hydrofoil Moths all sailing together in beautiful South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor on a glorious spring day. Add to it the excitement of speed and competition, and you have a drag race, specifically the Fort2Battery Race. This 3.8 mile drag race is in its second year and is the largest of its type in the U. S. The roster is full this year with more than 70 participants. As one of the sponsors, Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen will protect the racers from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. By providing individual packs of sunscreen to the participants and the race committee team, Blue Lizard will take away the worry of sunburn and skin damage and let the racers concentrate on getting over the finish line.

Tim Fitzgerald, the founder and coordinator of the Fort2Battery Race, has a strong allegiance to Blue Lizard Sunscreen. After being hired to do outside work, he consulted a friend who is knowledgeable about sunscreens to find the best option to protect his skin in his new job. His friend recommended Blue Lizard and Fitzgerald was amazed at how well it worked. He suffered no ill effects from the sun during the entire time he was on the job. When planning his new event, Fitzgerald wanted to encourage racers to protect their skin. He immediately thought of Blue Lizard. “It was the only phone call I made to a sunscreen company and I was delighted when they agreed to become a sponsor,” Fitzgerald said. “There is always the possibility during the race that people will get dumped into the water. One great thing about Blue Lizard is its water resistance. Very important in a drag race!”

The Fort2Battery Race is the brainchild of Fitzgerald. Although the race only lasts 15 minutes, it is quite a sight to see. This is the only drag race where kite boards and hydrofoil Moths compete. For all of you out there new to this sport, a hydrofoil Moth is a dinghy that flies above the water rather than floating on it. As its speed increases, the hull is actually lifted out of the water, reducing drag and making the boat capable of going twice the speed of the wind.

On Saturday, April 11 from 2 to 3 p.m. (if the wind cooperates!) you could witness expert-level racers going more than 30mph, each clad in crash helmets and impact vests. It is a beautiful, exciting, chaotic event enjoyed by people of all ages. If you can’t be there in person, catch the live stream via Sailing Anarchy.  

After the race, all participants join the fun at the awards party with drinks provided by Palmetto Brewery. The awards range from the serious, such as overall winner and placing in your individual craft, to the prestigious Most Stylish Finish (costume, wipeout, etc.). A new part of the event this year is the auction. Local businesses have been generous with their donations and the proceeds will benefit the Charleston Youth Kite boarders ( the kite boarding team at the University of Charleston.

For more information about the Fort2Battery Race, visit:

Written by Jo Northup

April 09, 2015 by Blue Lizard Staff
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