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Tips for having a BLUE Christmas

Dec 08 2016 Christmas gift ideas holidays stocking stuffers sunscreen

A BLUE Christmas doesn’t have to mean a sad and lonely one like Elvis sings about in the iconic song. Instead, have a BLUE Christmas by incorporating a little Blue Lizard into your holidays! Stocking stuffers. Filling stockings for family members is often the last thing on our holiday list and can be easily forgotten. Make it easy this year by stuffing stockings with Blue Lizard products! Our 3 oz. tubes and 5 oz. bottles are the perfect size to fit most stockings and your friends and family will love receiving a gift they can actually use! Themed gift baskets....

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Feed Your Skin This Thanksgiving

Nov 16 2016 holidays skin care Thanksgiving

As you busily prepare for your family’s Thanksgiving feast for next week, don’t forget to take time out to care for yourself. We often get so caught up in the holidays and all the shopping, meals, parties and obligations that we neglect our health. With all the rushing around, exhaustion will kick in and you’ll start to feel sluggish…and where does that show up first? Your skin! Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself – eating poorly, skipping meals, not getting enough sleep or forgetting to wash off makeup...

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