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Practice Sun Safety Throughout the School Year

Aug 17 2017 back to school Children kids sun safety Sunscreen

As kids are heading back to school, it’s still the heat of summer in most of the country. Keeping up your sun safety routine should be at the top of your back-to-school checklist! Not only is it important to keep kids skin protected from the sun during these end-of-summer hot months, it’s crucial to make sure they are protected year-round while at school. But many schools don’t allow children to bring sunscreen to school or allow teachers to help apply without a doctor’s prescription, so keeping their skin protected while at school can be a challenge. Here are a few...

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Summer Outdoor and Water Safety for Kids

Jul 13 2017 Children kids outdoor safety summer sun safety Sunscreen water safety

  Playing outside until dinner time, running through the sprinkler, spending the day at the local pool, visiting a waterpark, riding bikes with friends, building backyard forts, climbing trees – these are the hallmarks of childhood summers. But with all this extra time outside and in the water, there are some precautions parents need to take to keep their kids safe and ensure maximum summer fun. Follow these outdoor and water safety tips to protect your kids while they make summer memoires that will last a lifetime. Sun Safety For young children, schedule activities in early morning hours or evening...

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Protecting Little Faces: Using Sunscreen on Infants and Children

Jun 06 2017 baby kids skin cancer sun safety sunscreen

  Slathering on the sunscreen for lazy days at the pool or beach are warm-weather rituals for many families. But if you're tempted to let your child play outdoors for even a few minutes without the proper sun protection, you’re taking an unhealthy risk. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation sustaining five or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime risk for melanoma by 80 percent. A baby’s skin is especially delicate and burns more easily. Their sensitive skin contains less melanin, the pigment that gives our hair and eyes their color and offers some sun protection. Follow these simple tips all year...

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Five Common Sunscreen Mistakes Parents Make

Jul 28 2016 children kids moms parents sunscreen

Protecting your children’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun is so important as sunburns in childhood increase the risk of skin cancer later in life. Plus, no parent wants to see their little one suffer with a painful sunburn. Most parents today are diligent about using sunscreen on their kids, but many may not realize they aren’t using it properly. Here are five common mistakes parents make when using sunscreen on their children and how to fix them. Sunscreen Mistake #1: Not applying sunscreen before heading outdoors Sunscreen needs 15 to 30 minutes to be absorbed into your...

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Parents’ Guide to Packing the Perfect Beach Bag

Jun 15 2015 beach kids sun safety Sunscreen

A trip to the beach is a time-honored way to spend a summer vacation.  But when you add kids to the mix, you need a little more preparation. Here are some suggestions for a well-stocked beach bag: The bag. First you need a good sized bag to haul all your gear. Classic large canvas are good tried-and-true options that can hold a lot of stuff, are inexpensive and hold up well. Or choose a water-proof option such as a large vinyl bag. Travel-size BabyWipes can come in handy for wiping little sticky or sandy hands and faces. Blue Lizard Australian...

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