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Forget #thedress…We Were the Original “Is It White or Is It Blue?”

If you spend anytime on social media, by now, you’ve surely seen #thedress – you know, the one that you thought was white and gold, but your spouse saw as blue and black.

Heated arguments over the color of the dress swept the Internet, memes were created and it made national news. But that dress has nothing on Blue Lizard!

Long before #thedress made headlines, Blue Lizard Sunscreen created the original “is it white or is it blue?” question.

It’s white indoors and blue outside, our patented Blue Lizard Smart Bottle™ technology turns bottles blue when exposed to UVA and UVB light.

So if you are seeing blue, slap on a little of the white!


March 04, 2015 by Blue Lizard Staff
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