It Pays to be Blue!

Make money selling Blue Lizard Gift cards or joining our affiliate program

FINALLY, a fundraising product people need! Why sell cheap throwaways and empty calories when you can sell something that will benefit the life and health of others? With BLUE LIZARD AUSTRALIAN SUNSCREEN, your group will make money by offering a product that helps prevent skin cancer and reduces skin aging. How cool is that?

IT PAYS TO BE BLUE! Our easy-to-implement fundraising programs offer a high return on a trusted product that serves a proven purpose.

gift card

"fundraising program"


  • We sell you $20 Blue Lizard Gift Cards for $10
  • You sell them for full face value of $20 and make $10 off every card you sell
  • Gift cards are available in bundles of 10
  • Consumers activate the cards at, and they are ready to purchase our great sunscreen!

affiliate program



  • Your organization gets a unique URL code that you promote through your newsletter, blog and social media
  • You earn $2 for every person that makes a purchase using your unique link
  • Gift cards are available in bundles of 10
  • We also give you a 15% off code to pass along to your audience to help incentivize purchases
  • The more you promote, the more money your organization makes from referrals