Sell Blue Lizard® Fundraising Gift Cards or Join our affiliate program

FINALLY, a fundraising product people need! Why sell cheap throwaways and empty calories when you can sell something that will benefit the life and health of others? With BLUE LIZARD® AUSTRALIAN SUNSCREEN, your group will make money by offering a product that helps prevent skin cancer and reduces skin aging. How cool is that?

IT PAYS TO BE BLUE! Our easy-to-implement fundraising programs offer a high return on a trusted product that serves a proven purpose.

Reach your fundraising goals selling $20 Blue Lizard® Fundraiser Gift Cards. It pays to be blue!

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  • You make $10 on every card sold
  • We sell fundraising gift cards to you for $10 each
  • You sell the cards to your supporters for $20 each
  • The proceeds directly benefit your fundraiser.
  • Your supporters get 15% off
  • Cardholders redeem their $20 gift cards at
  • For supporting your group, cardholders receive a 15% discount
  • Gift cards never expire and can be redeemed at any time
  • We offer 30-day credit terms to groups who prefer to pay later
  • We make card activation simple for cardholders too.
Make $2 on each referral sale for your group or team fundraiser event. It pays to be blue!™

affiliate program



  • You make $2 on each referral sale
  • We give you a unique link for 15% off Blue Lizard® sunscreen purchased at
  • Your friends, family, contacts and followers click your link to buy Blue Lizard® sunscreen with a 15% discount code
  • When they buy, we track the clicks, count the sales, and pay your group $2 for each referral sale generated
  • You promote your fundraiser from your website, blog, by Facebook and Twitter posts, or reach all your contacts by email
  • We pay you by check or PayPal
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